Wisdom, not Wealth Transfer Needed

Intergenerational Transfer of Wisdom, Not Wealth, is the Problem

Rational debate is always obscured by trying to blame what at the time, were historical normalities, for situations we now look at differently. Blaming the ‘Baby-Boomers’ (of whom I am not one) for political actions and economic situations which were almost historically inevitable, is an easy way to avoid confronting the problems we face now. Every generation has tried to do the best it could, with the information available, to cope with its’ economic and social situations, and it is no good wringing our hands in Greek Chorus of doom to ascribe blame.

We need to look forward, not backwards, and be doing positive education to show that greed and jealousy do not provide a basis for a better, happier and more equal society. Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth is a catchy phrase to to head up academic and media articles, but it really has no meaning or content, when it comes to formulating an approach to help our children and grandchildren have a happier, more predictable life and eventual retirement.

We should be concentrating on an Intergenerational Transfer of Wisdom, so that our successors do not fall into the trap of rabid, superficial consumerism, that is the real cause of the deteriorating lifestyle and happiness, not the fact that social conditions two or three generations ago, produced an advantaged group. We should learn from the past, but not endlessly dissect it to excuse our present, self-made problems.


Brain Fade Diagnosed

Although examples of ‘Brain Fade’ have titillated politicians and the media recently, there has been a dearth of academics leaping to obtain research funding for their pet ideas of its’ cause.     Without the need for expensive studies, chance observation around the Hobsonville Electorate, has revealed a possible cause.

On occasion, the most powerful brain in my household, the computer system, suffers severe brain fade, due to loss of its’ WiFi connectivity.    It forgets what it is doing, or has previously said, and displays a series of blankly flashing LED’s that give the fish-eye appearance of a politician who has lost contact with their higher functions.

Others have experienced similar malfunctions in the Hobsonville area, and also noticed that these brain fades only occurred when the Air Force was doing its periodic circuit and bumps landing practices.    Hooking up a scanner and display screen reveal that bursts of digital interference accompany each low-level aircraft approach, and that these anaesthetise some WiFi equipment.

It would seem logical that when the Member for Hobsonville is on a rare visit to his electorate, these rays have a similar effect.    The temporary remedy – Re-Boot the Prime Minister, but who knows the permanent?

Keep Campbell Live – Put Principle over keeping your job


Dear Mr Jennings and Mr Weldon,

You should be making this decision as a member of the New Zealand public, rather than as corporate employees.     Sometimes one’s duty to New Zealand is greater than your duty as an employee, and in this year when we remember our sacrifices over the past century, you should consider whether your job and salary is more important than maintaining New Zealand’s only genuine investigative journalism programme.

Keep Campbell Live and show you are men of principle.