Starch-free Bread Recipe


 P1010994 Starch Free Bread Recipe

I am ‘allergic’ to starch in any form (Grains, Potatoes and most things that grow below the ground and some fruits and vegetables that are starchy).   Due to particular inherited  genetic characteristic, even small amounts of starch cause me joint problems (ankylosing spondylitis) and gut upsets (irritable bowel).

P1010995Over the years I have developed a Starch-free ‘bread’ that allows me to have cold meals, snacks and sandwiches.    The recipe is based on almond flour (sometimes called almond meal), eggs, natural thick yoghurt, yeast, starch free baking powder and powdered herbs to give it a bit of a ‘zing’.  Mixing takes ~10 minutes and it is then  ‘raised’ in the oven at low temperature for an hour, then cooked at high temperature for ~25 minutes.  I make two loaves

photo 2

RECIPE for one loaf

  • Two and a half cups of almond flour (350 grams)
  • One teaspoon of starch free baking powder (Make up supply with proportions 2 teaspoons Baking Soda and 1 teaspoon tartaric acid[cream of tartar]
  • Pinch salt, Pinch Italian and Tuscan Herbs

Mix dry ingredients in Mixing Bowl


photo 2

  • Four eggs beaten in bowl and mixed with a fork with four heaped soupspoons of thick natural yoghurt
  • Dissolve half teaspoon live dehydrated yeast in splash of warm water, topped up with milk to make one cup, warmed for 40 seconds in microwave.

Combine liquid ingredients, then combine with dry ingredients.   Add water or milk to get the texture shown in photos.   Pour into cooking paper lined bread tin.


Place in pre-heated 90 degree centigrade oven for 1 hour to ‘raise’

Cook at 200 degrees centigrade (I use fan bake) for 20-25 minutes

Carefully turn out hot loaves onto small baking grids, remove paper and put back in oven for 2-3 minutes, which will make sure ‘crust; is firm.   If want firmer loaf then leave in turned off oven whilst it cools.    Slice when cool.   May be more crumbly than ordinary bread.

When sliced I place it in a plastic container and freeze (eggs and yoghurt means will not keep like ordinary bread), then take out slices needed each day and microwave for short period to unfreeze.

The constituents mean that this ‘bread’ has much more food value than ordinary bread, so not as much is needed.

I use the same mixture with different amounts of fluid to make Pizza base, and Pie Crusts.

Hope this is useful to other ‘Starch Allergy’ sufferers.

Stephen Wealthall MD





12 thoughts on “Starch-free Bread Recipe

  1. I’m glad to hear there’s alternative to starch. I’m 36 year ol woman who has been struggling with bloating, backaches and joint pains from 12 years old. I tried not eating and felt better and every time i ate i suffered.
    I became a vegan from the age of 7 and vegetarian from 14. Instead of getting better it got worse. I remember getting hospitalised at the age of 16 while suffering from extreme lockdown on my back. Doctors said it was arthritis. My dad had so i tbought i was unlucky too. Getting diagnosed with IBS at the age of 21 meant i was scared of what to expect. Doctors gave me no information about starch free diets but saud exercise and eat vegetables and keep healthy otherwise you’ll get worse. In 2003 i was studying towards a degree in medicine and i came across a boom written by prof Dr md… etc Allen Ebringer. IBS living with AS . It lit up something in me that changed my life for a week. No bloating and felt better than i can recalled feeling ever before. Unfortunately i lost sight of the book and cannot find it anywhere to buy. I’ve since just purchased Carol Sinclair’s book of a similar tittle who i believe was a patuent of Dr Ebringer. A life saver. Can’t wait to start on a starch free journey and hope i can keep it up.

  2. I was using a lot of almond meal in cooking; then, I read on Trudy Scott nutritionist’s site that almond meal has a lot of copper which may not be suitable for some people.

  3. I have been diagnosed the same and wonder if we may chat about your husband. I am 30 years old now, so learning what I can do now to delay things.

  4. Incredible!! Thanks for the recipe! I can not eat starch, and was looking for a bread like this. And I founded here!!

  5. I’ve been on a very strict portien diet for 3months ,very hard.but great rewards! It means no sugar no starch.Reading this made me realize I’m not alone in this.I use to cough like a bad smoker,I threw up several times a day more than I like to remember.And I would burp really bad for 3 or more hours at a time.Now I do none of that . But learning how to cook so it has taste well very challenging!But like you said it’s worth not being sick .I’ve been like this for so long ,I really don’t remember how long! More than 20years really! Just thought it was nerves.Ya that’s probably how it started.well I’ve lost 35lbs since April,25to go I’m told I look great ,I feel great .Im 65 and feel better than I have in years!So if your reading this and need a change you can do this.I have my husband’s support,and my family’s .It helps no it’s not easy but very worth it.

  6. Sorry to hear of your problems with starch and diary, unfortunately my husband died last year but I’m sure it would be a good idea to try soy.
    Best wishes
    Faye Wealthall

  7. I have a starch allergy as well (my body rejects it and makes me cough, spit, or vomit it back up) and I have a dairy allergy. 2 of my favorite things I all of a sudden can’t eat. Do you think Soy yogurt and soy milk would work as substitutes? Thanks.

  8. I’ve defo got starch allergy too but I was referred to Liverpool hospital for starch allergy tests to then be told there’s no such allergy test as the demand isn’t there!
    I’ve got ibs & mild ulcerative colitis plus hypermobility disorder of the joints & recently muscle wastage in joints. I took it upon myself to cut out starch where possible and it’s had amazing affects! Was on 8 tablets a day for my bowel conditions but now I’m not taking any! I’m not bloated and other than feeling less energetic due to having less carbs I feel better. This recipe is what I’ve been looking for as I’ve struggled with bread alternatives so thank you !!

    • So pleased you are feeling much better after eliminating starch , it made a huge difference to my husband’s life unfortunately he died last year from cancer
      Best wishes
      Faye Wealthall

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