Stories of my life

These Stories have been expanded and incorporated as chapters (with many new chapters) in my online, web-browsable book of the stories of the first 23 years of my life. Click Here for the Book Chapters.   The new format is (I hope) much easier to access and read and allows the reader to select any story, instead of having to read from the beginning.    Any suggestions or feedback welcome at

Order of stories changed to ORDER OF WRITING with the one written first at the bottom, and the most recent at the top. Copyright Stephen Wealthall c 2014

Family Stories (need password to access)

2 thoughts on “Stories of my life

  1. I have had several quibblers point out that Phillip Larkin, not Bill Empson wrote the poem ‘Audabe’ referred to in my story ‘Wet Saturday Night in Sheffield’. An ‘Audabe’ is a morning love-song and several poets have written under that title. Larkin’s is mushy in my opinion whereas Empson’s is strong.

    Stephen Wealthall

  2. Hi Dr Wealthall
    You may not remember me, well my names Stephen Howard. You played a very large part in my early life. Thanks to you, your team and infact your own family, I got the chance to live a great life. You preformed a patent ductus (my spelling could be off) on me in 1977. You took a great interest in me as I was a child up for adoption and I didn’t have a family to take me home. I caught a infection in the incubator as I was a prem baby as well. I’m lead to believe you may of taken me home with you for social interaction. ( please correct me if I’m wrong) you were happy to see me adopted by a nurse and her husband who you knew. Helen and Bill Howard. One of my favorite childhood photos is of my first birthday being held by you my name sake. I was sorry to hear of your illness tonight while I was visiting my parents. I thought you would like to hear that sick little boy has developed into a strong, proud, independent man. I would like to take this opertunity to thank you. From the depth of my heart I am proud to share your Christian name.

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