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Book CoverStories of My Early Life – Final Version

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Some of you liked individual stories of my life, so I have published the stories that cover from infancy to the end of my House Jobs.   Each chapter is a self-contained ‘Story’, but are mostly sequential.   The format is universal, so does not need eBook applications, and will open from your Browser, which only downloads the ‘chunk’ you are reading, so not using lots of bandwidth.  Early versions  available under ‘Writings’.                                     …………………………………………………….Feedback  swlthll@pl.net


Getfamilyting family together for a photograph is almost impossible so this one a little ancient.  I am the hairy one wearing the hat. The hairy one not wearing the hat is the dog (Rusty) now succeeded by his grand-niece, Elsie and new arrival Jasper.   Now retired from active Paediatrics I continue to work and publish in the field of Medical Education as well as social comment and the stories of my life.   In my careers as paediatrician and educationalist I tried to encourage understanding, rather than rote learning, and for students to understand the patient’s perspective.

In my fifties I attended Art School (Hungry Creek School of Art and Craft) for three years and since have worked in most areas of three and two-dimensional art.   Art should allow people to extend their own understanding of the world, its contents and themselves by being exposed to concepts and views that they would not normally encounter.  I work conceptually and then allow the medium to lead the concepts wherever.   My work should  induce thought or be beautiful – it doesn’t matter whether you ‘like’ it.

I serve as the webmaster and Committee Member for two community organisations:- Auckland Branch of the Government Superannuitants Association and Kiwisaver|Annuities|Superannuation Protection Association of New Zealand.   Both organisations seek to protect retirement income for their members.

With my wife Faye, I share interests in gardening our 10 acre block and sailing, as well as watching with pleasure the evolving  lives of our grown-up children and granddaughters Imogen & Madeleine and honorary grandchildren Frances and Alex.

In December 2013 I was diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer but due to lots of caring and support from Faye and some help from a drug that should not really affect  all of the tumor cell types, I am virtually free of symptoms and able to do most things I want.   Others have pointed out that, as I am a mean Yorkshireman, I am just trying to get full value for money for subscriptions that have been paid in advance and my Government Superannuation Fund pension.  My approach to a perhaps not so imminent demise, is on this page of my NZ Herald Articles.

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